Hi there,

My name is Erin, and I started this book blog to spread the word (no pun intended) about all the books I’ve been reading.

I read primarily fantasy fiction, YA fantasy, romance, and action/adventure, though I will try just about any book. If it’s got magic, dragons, curses, spells (*cough cough*-see the name of the blog if this shocked you), and/or an epic romance aspect, you’ve pretty much sold me on it. 

I love that books can transport me with just a few words; they truly are the most potent magic. I want to inspire everyone I can to pick up a book, whether it’s one that I’ve read and loved, read and maybe didn’t love so much, or even something that (*gasp*) I’ve never read. 

On this blog I’ll be posting my thoughts and reviews of my latest literary adventures. They can be anywhere from “Highly Recommended” to “F**k No”, but I will always be honest. You are always welcome (ENCOURAGED) to read them too and form your own opinions, I’d love to hear them!