My Book Review Policy

  • Formats Accepted
    > Physical books are preferred
    > I will also accept PDFs/electronic copies (with cover art- I love to have a starting visual)
  • Books Reviewed
    > YA Fantasy is my favorite, series are given priority
    > I will also read adult Fantasy, Romance, Action/Adventure
    > On occasion will consider Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, or Non-Fiction
    > You can also email me if you're not sure which category fits best, I'll get back to you ASAP
  • My Book Review Style
    I will include the following in every review:
    *Cover of the book
    *Book Title
    *Author Name
    *Number of Pages
    *A link to purchase the book
    *A brief synopsis
    *A review (readers will be given advance notice of any SPOILERS)
  • Where Reviews Are Shared
    I have several social media outlets that I use to share my reviews, and I love spreading the word about books. I also love when authors and publishers share my tags/reviews (IG: @_thebookspell_, FB: The Book Spell). The platforms I use are:
    > My Website:
    > Facebook:
    > Instagram:
    > Twitter:
  • Review Limitations
    > Even though I'm a very fast reader, and I truly want to read every book in the world, the unfortunate reality is that I am just unable to do so.
    > I will review all email requests, and respond without undue delay about whether or not I will be reviewing your book. If you do not hear from me in a reasonable period, please assume I am unable to read your book at that time.
    > If I choose to review your book, please note that I may choose to do so immediately, or it may take me several weeks (or even months, on occasion).
  • Disclaimer
    > When I review a book, it is merely my opinion, and not intended to be biased or cause harm of any kind.
    > That said, I will be honest with my opinions, and I reserve the right to decline to write a review upon receiving a copy of a book if it is not to my standards, if it is poorly edited, or if it does not retain my attention, among other reasons.
    > I may or may not choose to inform you why I declined to write a review.
  • How to Request A Review
    Send me an email ( ) containing the following information:
    * Title
    * Author
    * Publisher
    * Publication Date
    * A Brief Summary of the Book
    * A Cover Photo of the Book, with permission to use it in my review from either you or your publisher (to be used respectfully on my social media pages) - I will use photos from online, or my own photos, and give appropriate credit, but I prefer to use official images
    * You may also include a date by which you would prefer to have you book reviewed. I will do my best to meet each deadline, but cannot guarantee a review date.